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Roundtables engage community leaders in debating topics central to business growth and scaling. Roundtables are responsive and focus on topical issues emerging from Growth Compass research and our business and policy community. The goal of each Roundtable is not to answer big questions. Rather, the focus is to unpack and ask better questions. Because asking better questions, is the first step to finding better answers.

Roundtables interact with the three core research themes of the Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship:

  • Business Growth & Scaling

  • Sport Business Innovation

  • Graduating High Impact Talent

The outcome of each Roundtable is a series of prioritized questions that need to be actioned. The province is fortunate to have both individuals and organizations with drive to collaborate to answer these questions to move the province forward. We are happy to facilitate the partnerships of individuals and organizations to transform these questions into answers.   

Should you like to commission a Community Roundtable or simply offer your support, please contact us.

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