The Innovation Accelerator

The Innovation Accelerator provides companies with the innovation mindset and capacity to increase growth potential.

The Innovation Accelerator enables companies to:

  • Identify new customers

  • Seek out new product and market opportunities

  • Successfully execute on innovation plans

  • Establish a replicable innovation process and culture

Insights from Program participants

“The program exceeded our expectations. We developed and launched a new business concept that immediately generated $510,000 in sales and $5M in commitment of manufacturing capacity for the next year. The program gave us the confidence to invest in the talent and processes required to unlock significant growth. We’re pumped!”

Jeff Neufeld, CEO, Trimet Building Product


Jeff Neufeld, CEO, on his experience with The Innovation Accelerator.


Mark Lea-Wilson, Director of Innovation, Plainsman Manufacturing


Insights from the Program Team


Ray De Paul and Simon Raby Ph.D. share their insights as core members of the program team.

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